Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lintel - The Man Who Could Lint You To Death

Lintel was a quiet kid. He didn't bother anybody in highschool. Mostly, he went unoticed. It wasn't until he was doing laundry in his dorm room freshmen year of college that he discovered a terrible secret. He could control lint particles. Although he could not create lint from nothing, he could control all lint in his vicinity. The X-Men found Lintel to be useful as their resident clothes cleaner. They discovered that clothes don't actually need to be washed. If you can remove the lint from them they will be just as clean as if you sent them to the cleaners.

Upon this discovery Lintel opened up a store that promised to clean non-mutant clothes better than anybody else could clean them. People with stains came from all over the world to have lintel work his magic. The store did wonders for mutant-human relations. Then Toad came and killed Lintel. Lintel put up a fight. Well, actually he put up a wall of lint to try to block Toad. But then Toad just jumped over it and squashed Lint.

The X-Men mourend for two hours, then used to find a new cleaners.

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