Friday, November 16, 2007

Perspiron: Pore Control Extradoinare

It took some convincing on the part of Perspiron to prove his claimed ability. An in-depth interview in the meat refrigeration unit to truly observe the quality of his powers. After coming to terms with and learning how to control his porous capability, he was actually able to make quite good use of it. Now, the interesting part of his "ability" was that it had absolutely no effect on others. Perspiron had the unique trait of being able to completely control the output AND input of his pores. Imagine battling someone that was so lubricated with their own sweat, making it near impossible to have any kind of solid grip. Granted, when battling other mutants with powers that defied the laws of known physics, it might not be the most helpful asset. On the other, more human side of things, wrestling, basketball, boxing would be seemingly impossible, or at the very least an extreme nuisance against someone that sweat to the beat of a bathtub of K-Y.

At the age of 29, Perspiron was banned from the world of competitive sports and after a dramatically failed attempt at bottling and marketing his own output, Perspiron decided to take his own life. The guest speaker at his funeral was Patrick Ewing, one of the sweatiest Knicks to ever play the game and a great admirer of Perspiron's career.

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